Proof of Work offers an insight into the world of blockchain and the people driving it. In the cryptocurrency boom of 2021-2022, I embarked on a year-long journey to explore the world of miners, investors, and early adopters of digital currencies. The resulting book captures the individuals and places of the crypto scene, from small basement prospectors and industrial mining farms in Russia to high-tech, sustainable factories in Sweden.

Publisher: Hartmann Books
Size: 21 × 29 cm
Pages: 176, 72 Illustrations
Texts: Holly Roussell & Anika Meier
Design: Nicolas Polli
Languages: English & German
ISBN 978-3-96070-097-5

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Stadthaus Ulm, Solo Exhibition Proof of Work
    Ulm, 23. November 2023 - 11. February 2024