Benidorm is a series about a city that embodies hyper urbanism like no other. Until the 1960s Benidorm was a small fishing village. Today the city has reached the highest density of high-rise buildings per capita in the world. The author and Guardian journalist Giles Tremlett described Benidorm as the birthplace of package tourism, which is also the main reason for the explosive growth of the city.

The unique character of this place changes significantly throughout the year. At the beginning of the summer, Benidorm serves as a vacation resort for Spanish families. From September onwards, the city is primarily visited by tourists from the United Kingdom and Ireland, to a point where the beach is hardly visible. The resulting work embodies an almost surreal appeal in a time defined by Covid-19.

The series was awarded an IPA in Gold in the urban scenery category, was exhibited in the Aperture Gallery New York and the International Festival of Urban Photography Trieste, among others.